Virtualization Solutions

The nature of establishing your business or enterprise on the cloud requires more resources and storage in order to run your applications and offer truly remote services to your employees. Microsoft Azure Active Directory administration system can be fully implemented on the cloud, with virtualization solutions that make housing your applications and data center easier.

Leveraging the efficiencies of a shared infrastructure, and establishing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can lower deployment risks, accelerate application development, and lower the total cost of ownership through our partnership with VMWare virtualization solutions.

Both UCS Manager and the NetApp Management Suite enables your IT team administrators the ability to manage all infrastructure from a single interface. With the constant evolution and development of Microsoft Azure, managing your virtual desktop can be hard to keep up with. However, with VDI service providers you can rest easy knowing it’s been set-up and managed for you.

We offer services in:

  • Hardware consolidation and standardization in an off-premise centralized facility results in lower utility, server, and data center costs (resulting in a lower total cost of ownership).

  • Easier management through data center software ensures that you can keep an eye on your integral data from one point of access

  • Physical machine lifecycle management is no longer a factor as the virtualized machines are managed for you.

  • Better security with VMWare VirtualCenter:Tighter control over files, role-based access control

  • Disaster recovery & planning: eliminating single points of failure ensures rapid recovery, VMWare solutions have the capability to automatically restart virtual machines.

  • Transitioning from a physical data center to virtual one can take time and resources. Let our qualified technicians analyze your business needs, guarantee integrity in your new virtualized system and guide you through all phases from consultation to deployment and management.