Software Management Services

Trying to find that perfect software that works for your business needs, as well as managing the multiple licenses required of different software can be a daunting process.

Our software management services ensure that you’re taking advantage of industry-leading software that ensures that the software you’re using is compliant, licensed, and a best-fit solution for your specific needs.

We offer services in:

  • Software Licensing
  • Do you have a plan to keep up with your business’ different technology needs? With our Volume Licensing Management Service, you never have to worry about keeping up with the majority of software licensing requirements for your business. Consolidating your licensing requirements makes it easier to run software throughout your entire enterprise network.

  • Software Asset Management
  • The Royse Technologies Software Asset Management Services ensures your business is fully compliant with software asset management and licensing through a joint partnership between ourselves and your organization. Not only does this enable us to control and protect your software assets, but it also reduces IT costs and legal risks.

  • Software Advisory
  • Deciding on the correct software to employ can be overwhelming — especially for enterprise or medium-sized businesses. Our specialized team of software professionals have been providing software advisory solutions to key decision makers for over 30 years, guiding you to the appropriate solutions that make sense for your business.

    Our extensive services ensure that your business is completely covered so that you can meet your goals without focusing on the day-to-day IT requirements.

    Give us a call today to discuss how our it solutions, advisory, management, and licensing services can give you better insight into the software to use for your business and to understand the best way to store them on your data center.