Private Cloud Infrastructure

All the cloud benefits without the security risks

Private cloud is a cloud-based environment, which is secure in that only your team or company can operate within the cloud. Unlike Public Clouds that can be access from anyone from servers across public networks (such as Amazon), Private Clouds are built using similar technology but with private computers, networks, and storage. Since only your company/organization has access to this cloud source, you can to feel safe and secure while storing information online.

The Royse Technologies Private Cloud is located in a Canada’s premier telecommunications facility. The environment is completely owned and operated by Royse Technologies provided unique security and privacy benefits over public cloud facilities (such as Amazon and Microsoft). Unlike traditional cloud hosting companies or public cloud facilities, the Royse Technologies Private Cloud is engineered for corporate back office applications only; protecting your business from the risks of mass market web hosting. The Royse Technologies Private Cloud provides a range of secure connectivity options, allowing your private cloud environment to connect into your business applications, offices, and datacenters.


  • Canadian data sovereignty
  • Integrates with traditional IT networks
  • Microsoft and Cisco certified
  • Compatible with public cloud services (Microsoft Azure)
  • Highly scalable computing and storage network
  • Increased security over public clouds
  • Controlled environment for business applications
  • Fast incident resolution
  • Avoids high capital costs