We pride ourselves on our very highly skilled and experienced team of consultants and technical resources.

Our commitment, flexibility and strategic approach has enabled us to build an enviable track record for the successful delivery of a huge range of technical, software and business change projects and initiatives.

Our team of business and technical consultants are experienced in conducting Strategic Reviews for organisations of all types and sizes, providing comprehensive strategic road maps based upon detailed business and technical analysis.

We can also assist with complex system migrations and implementations providing in-depth technical scoping and project planning combined with product advise, cost benefit analysis and risk assessments.


Royse Technologies operate a proven engagement model that ensures your business gets the most from any investment in IT over the long term.

Our preferred approach when starting a new working relationship with a business, is to undertake a Strategic Review. This is typically performed by an experienced member of our Consultancy Team and/or a Senior Technical Engineer. Prioritise short, medium and long term IT requirements for your business, with support and advice for changes and implementation.

Migration Planning

Our team of skilled and experienced solution architects and engineers can eliminate the risks involved with IT migration projects whilst ensuring that projects are delivered on time and to budget.

We can handle relatively simple server changes right through to very complex projects and will have taken other businesses through the process many times before.

Contact a member of our team if you are thinking about any significant changes to your business, so that we can help you to cost and plan any technology and business changes.

Infrastructure Refresh

Refreshing and replacing old IT can quickly improve productivity, improving the utilisation of IT and ultimately improving your return on investment.

Ageing IT hardware and out of date software can be more of a hindrance to an organisation than a help. High support costs, low productivity and increased maintenance charges all combine to reduce the value of IT to end users.

When IT assets are more than three years old or out of warranty, the performance of the system can be impacted and risks of failure become greater. This brings increased risk to the organisation and increases the overall support costs.

Project Management

Providing management of projects of all sizes from the very earliest design stages and work with third party vendors where required.

Our experienced Project Management team can provide management of projects of all sizes from the very earliest design stages and work with third party vendors where required.

From single server installations to 6,000 user desktop virtualisations, Royse Technologies has many years experience in effective project delivery. We ensure that all risks are identified and managed throughout the entire process, with regular project updates and documentation provided.

System Design

Our approach is to understand the business strategy and objectives of each customer in order to develop flexible and expandable IT systems and services that are aligned with your individual needs.

We apply the same methodology for small businesses of five members of staff as we do for large corporate clients with hundreds of IT users. We also work closely with third party system vendors to ensure integration of their products can be achieved successfully. Where required, compatibility of systems can be investigated and tested prior to migration, to ensure a smooth implementation of the solution.


Intellectual property and client data require the strongest levels of protection from theft or attack. Ensure your corporate data is protected.

Data stored on mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones and flash drives presents some of the highest risk due to the potential of loss or theft. Data on these devices is often unencrypted and in most cases cannot be remotely destroyed.

Securing the ‘edge’ of a network is critical to ensuring many automated threats and hacking attempts are resisted.

This can be achieved with secure firewalls, encryption, appropriate authentication and the use of good endpoint threat protection software.

We will work with you to advise on and implement straightforward and cost effective security solutions to give you and your clients peace of mind.

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