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The Cloud Built for Back Office

The Cloud Built for Back OfficeReady to move your business applications to the Cloud? The Royse Technologies Enterprise Cloud is designed for corporate customers to have their applications run in a safe and reliable private cloud environment. Located in Canadian datacenters, and engineered for enterprise applications, this solution provides important benefits over public cloud hosting.


  • Flexible hybrid cloud technology

  • Built-in security and privacy

  • Helping you achieve cloud benefits

  • Maximizing time and cost


Hybrid Private Cloud

Hybrid Private Clouds are needed to achieve unique and sometimes complex business requirements by combining several types of computing infrastructures together. Our engineers take a holistic view of your IT requirements and can adapt your traditional IT network with our private cloud facility and optionally public cloud services. These architectures offer our clients total flexibility to meet the evolving needs of their end users while maximizing IT budgets.

Virtual Machines

What does this mean to your business in the real world? That the technology specialists at Royse Technologies can help you to find the plan that gives you more options than you would find in a traditional shared hosting setup, while still being sensitive to issues of current costs and future growth. Managed virtual servers often make a wonderful “stepping stone” for those growing Toronto organizations that want to put the focus back on their goals, rather than the constant process of updating, replacing, and maintaining servers.

Cloud Storage

When you need scalability, reliability, and security that isn’t available in your office, Cloud Storage is often the solution. Royse Technologies Cloud Storage datacenter has been located in Canada’s preimere telecommunications center for years. With the country’s largest supply of power, cooling, and internet connectivity, Our center is a world-class facility and is available to Royse Technologies Clients.

IT Procurement

IT Procurement is an area not often discussed by small and medium business. This is usually because there is no formal process to procure IT systems or supplies. As businesses grow, the time and money invested in the acquisition of IT hardware, software, and other needs warrants a proper procurement process. As part of Cloud Support, we save your business time and money by streamlining the procurement of all your IT needs. New users (desktops, phones, laptops, tablets, software) Replacement components (keyboards, mice, printers) Copiers and printers (colour, laser, inkjet, network attachments) Server room (servers, storage (SAN/NAS), UPS batteries, cables) IT Security (firewalls, WiFi access points, switches, routers) Handling third party vendors (ISP provider, public cloud providers, Microsoft 365, hosting) Third party software licensing (renewals, new licenses)

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