Backup & Recovery

Being prepared for the worst can safeguard your business against the catastrophic results that lost data or server malfunctions can cause.

Enlisting the use of a virtual machine through Microsoft Azure to act as a location to backup data ensures this data backup solution can be customized to any business model. A data backup solution can operate either on-premise or in multiple Azure data centers around the world.

Traditional disaster recovery requires physical hardware, identical to the original, at an off-site recovery location that can take several hours to restore each system. However, Azure minimizes the time spent recovering documents, as well as the costs incurred from the procurement of new hardware and installing additional data center software.

Azure features a number of options to support a disaster recovery plan that works for you, including:

  • Azure Backup stores data from Windows, Windows Server, and System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 R2 that is replicated three times in separate data centers around the world.

  • Virtualization solutions by Azure Site Recovery maintains both physical and virtual desktop infrastructures and can work with on-premise Hyper-V Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager, and SQL Server installations.

  • Azure Virtual Machines can host SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Groups which create a replica of on-premise databases, or host third-party custom backup solutions. This actively minimizes implementation and recovery time.

  • Azure Storage can back up SQL Server 2014 databases, or for custom backup solutions.

At Royse Technologies, we want to make sure your IT disaster recovery plan covers every part of your business. Whether it’s a catastrophic geological event, or equipment malfunctions that result in LANs or WANs going down and interrupting communications, being prepared for the worst is never a waste of time. Our trained professionals can help you establish a disaster recovery plan that encompasses a data recovery solution which is right for you.

With Royse Technologies, you benefit from a solution that's :

  • Fast: Back up in minutes from single files to Bare Metal Restore

  • Proven: Used on over 275,000 servers in world’s largest data centers

  • Multi Platform: Supports Windows and Linux servers

  • Affordable: Backup all your data from $25 excl. Tax/month

Idera Agent, backup and restore your data in all confidence

Viruses, OS failures, defective hardware, software failure, hacking... all of these can lead to the loss of your data.

What would be the consequences of the loss of your company's customer database, emails, working documents or of contracts and legal data?


    Since only the incremental is copied, it is possible to perform high frequencies backups without affecting server performance.


    Restore large file systems or entire servers fast with Bare-Metal Restore.


    Browse, download, and restore files from your recovery points using an Explorer-style interface.


    All your data is transmitted via our internal network and stored on secure servers in our own DataCenter in Reims (56).


    Your Idera backup space can easily change according to your needs. You can subscribe to a basic size to start and increase as your business grow.

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