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Offices are the nuclei of every business. The fusion of ideas, personalities, and relationships creates a company’s culture that’s distinctive and evolutionary. A productive office means employees are on-line and working efficiently. Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in the productive office. IT should be reliable, streamline processes, and not create problems. And when problems arise (because they will), employees need to rely on IT to be responsive, friendly, and be able to expertly resolve their problem.


  • Helping you achieve cloud benefits

  • Maximizing time and cost

  • Flexible hybrid cloud technology

  • Built-in security and privacy


Office and Data Center

Keeping your office and data center fully protected against a critical hardware or software failure is a challenging exercise. With mobile devices leaving the office daily, the potential for data and productivity loss is high unless you have a reliable and comprehensive backup service.

Managed Applications

An often-overlooked part of Royse Technologies managed services package, web application hosting can help your organization to work faster and more efficiently. By taking your software and moving it “into the cloud” on our lightning-fast, ultra-secure servers, we make it possible to not only maintain customer-focused applications and databases on your company website, but also allow your team to collaborate and update each other in real time.

Managed Servers

Your server environment is a high-value technology asset. This isn’t because of its cost to install and maintain, but for the data it holds and business functions they facilitate daily. It is critical that these assets are maintained to prevent disruption to business operations. As your business grows, so will the demands on your server environment. Matching the right server architecture with your growth projections allow you to stay ahead of the curve and utilize technology to propel your business.

IT Procurement

IT Procurement is an area not often discussed by small and medium business. This is usually because there is no formal process to procure IT systems or supplies. As businesses grow, the time and money invested in the acquisition of IT hardware, software, and other needs warrants a proper procurement process. As part of Cloud Support, we save your business time and money by streamlining the procurement of all your IT needs. New users (desktops, phones, laptops, tablets, software) Replacement components (keyboards, mice, printers) Copiers and printers (colour, laser, inkjet, network attachments) Server room (servers, storage (SAN/NAS), UPS batteries, cables) IT Security (firewalls, WiFi access points, switches, routers) Handling third party vendors (ISP provider, public cloud providers, Microsoft 365, hosting) Third party software licensing (renewals, new licenses)

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