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The most satisfying (or frustrating) part of your IT service is when you work directly with someone in IT to solve your problem. When requests are not handled properly or simply take too long to complete, users get frustrated and often productivity is negatively impacted.

The Royse Technologies IT Support team is on standby to quickly respond to your requests and resolve any issues from the cloud or at your office. Our team of friendly experts has been chosen by over 1,000 users and maintains a 98% end user satisfaction rating which they measure each and every month.

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  • Delivered from the cloud and onsite

  • Anytime, anywhere workforce support

  • Complete desktop, mobile, and printer support

  • End user satisfaction guaranteed


Managed Desktops and Mobile

The Desktop computer (or laptop) is the primary work tool for your office staff. It’s how they create proposals, support Clients, build documents, and more. These computers are constantly in use, making them prone to viruses, slow downs, and an array of issues. To compound the stress on the computer, every user is different – making the frequency of problems unpredictable. The goal of every IT department should be to keep staff using their computers and ensure their work is protected in the event of a failure.

Expert Help Desk

Everyone has had to call someone for support. We’ve all been frustrated at times with how issues are handled. We all know the things that frustrate us the most. When it comes to keeping your business online unfortunately computers will fail, software will break, and your network will stop working. What’s important is how these issues are handled. What does that mean? It means you can easily request support, the person you talk to is friendly, professional, and clarifies your needs like and expert, and they fix your problem the first time and as fast as possible.

Incident Management

When technology fails us, and it will, it is critical that the most impactful types of failures are handled swiftly so everyone can get back to work. But what constitutes this level of failure? How can you be confident your IT provider is capable and resourced effectively to handle them? What’s the expectation on turn around? Is it normal for something to fail more than once? These concerns are answered when your IT provider has a clearly defined Incident Management policy.

IT Procurement

IT Procurement is an area not often discussed by small and medium business. This is usually because there is no formal process to procure IT systems or supplies. As businesses grow, the time and money invested in the acquisition of IT hardware, software, and other needs warrants a proper procurement process. As part of Cloud Support, we save your business time and money by streamlining the procurement of all your IT needs. New users (desktops, phones, laptops, tablets, software) Replacement components (keyboards, mice, printers) Copiers and printers (colour, laser, inkjet, network attachments) Server room (servers, storage (SAN/NAS), UPS batteries, cables) IT Security (firewalls, WiFi access points, switches, routers) Handling third party vendors (ISP provider, public cloud providers, Microsoft 365, hosting) Third party software licensing (renewals, new licenses)

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